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Tana and Mark’s surprise wedding preview – St. Paul Wedding Photographer

Apr 25th, 2011

A few weekends ago I had one of the hardest and funnest (it will become a word if we say it enough!) gigs a photographer can shoot..A surprise wedding! Tana and Mark have one of the greatest love stories I’ve ever heard. They were dating for about 2 years, living together and planning their future when Mark was diagnosed with cancer. Immediately the future was put on hold while Tana and Mark’s family and friends rallied around them to get him better. A year later he was declared in remission. A few months later they were engaged, and while friends and family were envisioning a blow out traditional wedding, Tana and Mark started formulating another plan…  Tana had never been one of those girls running around with a paper doily on her head playing “bride”. When the cursory wedding planning questions started coming(how many bridesmaids? what kind of dress? what is your budget?) Tana had an epiphany. She just wanted her wedding to be a big party, where the attention wasn’t all on her, and where they weren’t going to go into debt to pay for it all. With Mark’s one year anniversary of being declared in remission fastly approaching, they started to hatch a plan. They would invite all of their friends’ and family to a party to celebrate. They took it one step further… it would be a surprise party for Mark! But really they would surprise everyone and get married! I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves, but suffice it to say NO ONE was expecting a wedding that evening, but were ecstatic once Tana announced it.



A few hours before the big event, we went to Rice Park and had some fun trying to keep warm!

Isn't she stunning???